The Quietly Confident Club

Hey, there, stranger!  I’ll make this short and sweet… I’ve been inspired!  I’ve also been at a stand-still due to technology issues (called “user error” and “lack of know-how”)… The technology side still isn’t set up the way I’m envisioning… but now I’m impatient and want to get this party started! So I’m solving the problem a different way.

First of all… let’s clarify my new/old mission (same mission, new vision?)…  As you know, directing my time and energy towards my priorities and my purpose matters a great deal to me. Summing up those priorities and purpose took some good reflecting (hence the radio silence since June).

I thought plenty about how I choose to spend my days and noticed that my work, in any endeavor, ultimately points toward how, as I grow in confidence, I feel called to help others increase their own levels of confidence.  BAM. My purpose is to help spread confidence, whether it be as a school counselor, a wife, a Younique presenter, a team leader, a friend, a sister, a blogger… it all pointed me back to the idea that Confident Women Create Confident Women (more on that in the video).

So, obviously we need a club, right?


I’ve had spectacular feedback from so many of you on my videos on both my Confident Complexions: Inside(rs) & Out group on Facebook and the Being Quietly Confident page on Facebook… but I KNOW how FB can get.  Sometimes you might not check it for days, and who has the time to go back through every single post you missed!?!?. Other times you can’t find that one video you’re looking for.  Or maybe you don’t have time to watch right then and there (hello quick “I have a spare minute to scan through 100 posts without actually having time to read any of them unless there’s a picture of a cute puppy”). It happens. I get it.

Plus, you want videos about more than just makeup tips and how-tos. You want more than just inspirational posts and shares from other blogs. You want them all in one. You want them to inspire confidence AND be helpful.  You want to know specific actions you can take (in ANY of the 5 Components of Confidence) to add to your own self-confidence. You want to know you’re not the only person with that question or insecurity.  You also want to see the exclusive videos that won’t be posted on either of those Facebook sites. Emoticon winking face.

The answer is easy.  The Quietly Confident Club. I’ll deliver confidence-boosting content directly to your inbox. You can flag it, save it, share it, pin it, or watch it once and delete it!  You’re in control instead of at the mercy of FB.


Go ahead and at least watch the video to see what this club is all about.  Then you can decide if this is the club for you.

Click here to be taken to the website where you can join the club!

NOTE: Joining the Quietly Confident Club is NOT the same as subscribing to this blog… so do both if you really want to make sure you don’t miss anything!

*Editor’s note: Sigh. Technology still might refuse to cooperate.  If you can’t get the video to play, you can go here… but you still have to go to the Quietly Confident Club page to actually join the club.

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